What we do

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Since 1974, OFMECC is at the service of the metal-engineering industry with the study, design and supply
of components, assemblies and machines for household appliances, the industrial and agricultural sectors.

Who we are

We have 14.000 m2 of buildings on an area of 61.500 m2, built according to state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the highest level of safety, comfort and respect for the environment. We are equipped with technologically advanced machines, plants and software.
The experience gained, the predisposition to continuous improvement and the search for
innovative solutions, enable us to develop high-quality, personalized products for every need.
Our customers are industries of primary international importance. We aim for excellence to guarantee complete reliability and maximum competitiveness.


From study to industrialization


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We are a leader in the production of cast iron components for kitchens and cookers, both for household and industrial sectors. We guarantee innovative technical-functional solutions, as well as an excellent finishing touch to our products.


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Fire prevention

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We produce safety equipment for fire-prevention and anti-explosion of fluids with our trademark
FLUID SECURITY®, patented, registered and certified by Cermet. The wide range enables meeting any need, from the lab to a large factory.
We work and produce mechanical components for industrial and agricultural sectors. We perform hydraulic sealing tests, machining of any kind, as well as thermal and surface treatments.

Various mechanics

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